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Exotic Animal Medicine (excluding reptiles and birds)
Laser Therapy: a non-invasive , non-painful treatment modality for many acute and chronic conditions
Call 630-832-1666 to find out more about the services we offer.

1)  Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday are senior pet day.  Receive 10% off for pets that are 10 years and older.  This offer excludes:  vaccinations, medications, surgeries and prescription diets.  Other restrictions may apply.  Call 630-832-1666 to find out more and schedule an appointment.
2)  Laser therapy packages available to treat arthritis, anal gland problems and lick sores (granulomas), ear infections and more.
5 course treatment package only $200.00. Call Today 
3) $10 off microchipping during any surgical procedure.

Call 630-832-1666 soon, appointments are filling fast!!!

Professional Fees*
Examination                                            $52.00
Examination with vaccines                      $38.00
1 year Rabies vaccination without tag     $17.00
3 year Rabies vaccination without tag     $37.25
DHLPP (canine distemper booster)         $17.00
FVRCP (feline distemper booster 1yr)     $17.00
Bordetella (kennel cough)                        $18.00
Heartworm testing                                    $37.00                                                                     
Fecal examination                                    $22.00
Feline leukemia vaccine                           $37.00

 *Prices Subject to Change Without Notice.
*FREE exam for pets adopted from local animal shelters. Pets must be presented with original adoption papers within 72 hours of adoption.*ALL other normal fees apply. 

SPECIAL NOTICE:  canine flu vaccine is being required by many doggy daycares, boarding facilities, dog obedience classes, and groomers. It is also highly recommended for dogs who frequent dog parks or have frequent contact with other dogs.
Monday and Thursday 8:00-12:00. and  2:00-6:00
Tuesday  8:00-12:00. and 2:00-7:00
Friday 8:00-12:30  and 2:00-5:00
Saturday 9:00-12:00
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